I designed and directed an innovative project for the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) humanitarian response in Greece called the Walkie Talkie Information Service. This audio information service was played in transit sites in Lesvos and other islands by the Hellanic Red Cross volunteers. It was produced with content included from a number of partner agencies to help provide basic but very vital information to refugees to help them navigate through the Greek arrival and processing system.

The audio programs were produced by local Greek journalists and producers working for a media group that owned three local radio stations in Lesvos. The professionally produced programs were then recorded onto USB sticks in both Arabic and Farsi by local translators and interpreters, and then played on small speakers in dedicated locations.

I also produced a number of information posters to help convey critical one way messaging. This included designing two original cartoon characters “Laila and Amar” to help engage people in what would otherwise have been dry do’s and don’ts messaging. The project was also covered for World Radio Day with two of the local Greek journalists speaking powerfully about how the project had effected them.


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